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Kung Fu Classes for Men & Women

Our adult only beginner classes are a great way to get into martial arts. Designed for students with no prior experience or those moving over from another martial art, these lessons are designed to give you the building blocks necessary for all your future training as well as providing practical self defense skills.

Whether your goals are fitness, confidence, stress relief, self defense or you are looking for an authentic,

traditional martial arts system we are here to help you achieve your goals.

There are so many benefits to training in the Wing Chun system …It’s a very effective self defense system so you will see & be able to practically apply the techniques you learn straight away from lesson 1. It’s a system based on economy of motion, this means not only is it efficient but you don’t have to be super fit or flexible to train in this system.

It is a traditional martial art and with everything based firmly in what is efficient, effective & practical (no back flips or spinning kicks) you can start at literally any age or fitness level

We are a friendly & dedicated group of likeminded martial artists. Everyone is welcoming & keen to help new members, we don’t compete with each other so you wont find any big ego’s in the room just fellow martial artists enjoying their training together


“I have been attending Kung Fu Schools for almost 2 years and am enjoying it more and more as I progress. It’s a great opportunity for anyone to learn Wing Chun in a focused but friendly environment. You are taught a classical martial art which can also be applied to modern day scenarios. For me, it continues to be challenging and fun at the same time.”


– Baljinder Randhawa