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Junior Warriors

The Junior Wariors program is designed for children of 7 to 12 years old. At Kung Fu Schools we understand that the style of teaching needs to differ as the age and maturity of the child increases and these classes are designed to be more complex and more challenging as a result. Junior Warrior classes teach basic self defence and include partner work and weapons training while still focusing on confidence building and maintaining a black belt attitude in all aspects of life.

The syllabus is designed to build skills from week to week. In the beginner class

ses we start with the basics and cover all aspects of self defence. As the students progess so does the material they cover. The journey starts at Junior Warrior Beginner then progresses to our longer & more challenging Black Belt Training Course classes, on to our Leadership classes and eventually to the Adult classes.

Our aim is for all aspects of Martial Arts training to permeate their whole life. The focus, respect, discipline

Martial Arts Training is as much about building your focus, confidence, discipline & respect as it is about technique and our aim is for these qualities to permeate all aspects of their lives, not just inside the training hall.

All lessons are taught in a fun and friendly environment by fully trained CRB checked instructors.



“Totally recommend this Kung Fu school it’s amazing the patience the leader has, my son has ADHD/asd & has come so far with school since starting. He is so much more confident and less fidgety. Best choice I made for my children”


– Emmie Jane Constant