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Live Lessons

This page is designed to help you access our Live Streaming Online Lessons.


Lesson Times


For our members. All lessons are now available on our Member Website. Which you access here…


If you haven’t registered yet please do so as soon as you can & then head to the “Live Lessons” page for the links


***If you are not currently a member but have been invited to attend a lesson you will receive your link prior to the lesson***


What you will need


Zoom – This software is available on all devices & is simple to use. Its free & there is no need to sign in, just download & install. Click here to install if you don’t already have it

The lesson link – As a member all links are on our Members Website. ***Non members will receive the link prior to the class*** This ensures only members of our school have access to our lessons. They are therefore safe & secure.

Agree to everything – You will be asked a series of questions, can zoom access camera, microphone, etc – Say yes to all

Thats it! If the lesson hasn’t started you will see a white screen stating that the host hasn’t started yet, if it has…you should be in!


What you need to know


You’ll be muted – To run the lesson smoothly it is necessary to mute all participants so everyone can hear the instructions clearly

Don’t monkey with the buttons! – There are various options, share screen, unmute etc. All should be disabled upon entry but to ensure a smooth class we’d ask you to try not to click them just incase as it could disrupt the lesson

Be around if you can – As well as helping your child should they have any tech issues we are encouraging parent participation in the training, so if you can you’ll be asked to jump in & help (if you can’t don’t worry, there will be a solo training option for them). Also, unlike a physical class we aren’t there to check safety & we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to see every child so make sure they are keeping aware of their surroundings!

Camera angle & lighting – It’s much easier for us to see you if you have the main light source in front of you i.e. if you are standing with a window behind you we see a silhouette…much like when you’re taking a photo.

Have fun! – These lessons are designed to be fun for your kids & for you, as well as being informative & building martial skill. There will be issues, wifi problems, system problems etc from time to time I’m sure…but then no physical class ever runs without some interruption! Have fun with it & if you have ANY issues…were always here to help