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At Kung Fu Schools we focus on offering fun structured Wing Chun Kung Fu classes to both children and adults. Wing Chun is a traditional, practical Chinese martial art system with roots dating back hundreds of years to the Shaolin Temple.

The system was made famous by the legendary Bruce Lee and has many practitioners worldwide including Robert Downey Jr, Christian Bale and Peter Andre (who studies under Master Paul Hawkes at Kung Fu Schools).


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Kung Fu Classes

Classes are designed to be accessible to all students and no prior knowledge of the system or martial arts required.

Kung Fu Schools is the only martial arts organisation in the world outside China to be recognised by the Confucious institute as a “Confucious Classroom”, a centre that promotes wellbeing and traditional Chinese culture.




Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 4-7

“Little Dragons”


gill-cutout1The Little Dragons program is designed to be an introduction to martial arts for the next generation of Wing Chun masters! The main focus of the class is fun, energy, positive reinforcement and character building. The children are rewarded not only for their martial achievements in class but for positive actions and achievements outside of the class too. We believe a black belt should reflect a child’s attitude to life, not just Kung Fu!

The classes increase confidence, focus and concentration in a safe and fun environment designed to bring out the best in each and every child. Children are always taught based on a positive reward system, at Kung Fu Schools we believe in building a child’s confidence and will always praise a child before and after making a correction to ensure their confidence is built up during the lesson rather than knocked down!

The Little Dragons grading structure is designed to keep your child focused on attaining the next goal and they are rewarded by increasing coloured sashes in order to finally attain that coveted black sash! After all, a black sash is just a white sash that never gave up!


Kung Fu Classes for Children aged 7-12

“Junior Warriors”

The Junior Wariors program is designed for older children. At Kung Fu Schools we understand that the style of teaching needs to differ as the age and maturity of the child increases and these classes are designed to be more complex and more challenging as a result. Junior Warrior classes teach basic self defence and include partner work and weapons training while still focusing on confidence building and maintaining a black belt attitude in all aspects of life.

As with the Little Dragons the Junior Warriors program uses the coloured sash grading system to keep your child focused and goal orientated. As they progress through the grades techniques become more chalenging and weapons are introduced to the system providing a fantastic incentive to reach that next sash!

All lessons are taught in a fun and friendly environment by fully trained CRB checked instructors.

So why not book yourself or your child (or both!) in for 4 weeks free no obligation trail lessons? The first 4 weeks are absolutely free. The 1st lesson is by appointment, so book now!


Adult Classes

adultclassesOur adult only beginner classes are a great way to get into martial arts. Designed for students with no prior martial arts experience or those moving over from another martial art these lessons are designed to give you the building blocks necessary for all your future Wing Chun training as well as providing practical self defense skills.

Whether your goals are fitness, stress relief, self defense or you are looking for an authentic, traditional martial art form we have a training program to suit your needs.


gillinham family

Our Kung Fu Family:

Kung Fu Schools Gillingham is run by Alex Perriman. Alex has many years martial arts experience and regularly trains with his Sifu (Master) at Kung Fu Schools Crawley. The school is very much a family business with Alex’s wife Natalie helping with the organisation, daughter Olivia assisting with the Little Dragons and training in the Junior Warriors classes and daughter Imogen eagerly awaiting her 4th birthday to join up!

Kung Fu literally means skill achieved through hard work, at Kung Fu Schools we focus on ensuring all classes are fun, engaging and informative and our aim is for every student both young and old to achieve the highest level of Kung Fu possible!



Kung Fu Schools Gillingham Location

Our classes are held at Featherby Junior School, Chilham Road,
Gillingham, KENT ME8 6BT



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Get in touch with kung fu schools Gillingham

If you have any questions please call us on 01634 790 357 or drop us an email at team@kungfuschoolsgillingham.co.uk

We teach our lessons at Featherby Junior School, Chilham Road, Gillingham, KENT ME8 6BT.

We offer a 4 week free trail, for you to bring your children along using up to two classes per week for four weeks. With no obligation, or pressure. We are parents to and know just how fickle children can be.

We’d love to hear from you… please call us on 01634 790 357